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To whom much is given much is expected  / Tosin Ogunnaike (Nephew)  Read >>
To whom much is given much is expected  / Tosin Ogunnaike (Nephew)
"To whom much is given much is expected" Luke 12:48

God gave Mama the vision wisdom and strength to deliver His message, using her as a point of contact to bless many of us. In carrying out that task she did a truly fantastic job.

Mummy Ogunnaike always helped guide and often challenge my commitment to the teaching of the Bible. Like my mother does, she would encourage me to try develop a culture of continuous prayer. Mama was always eager to talk about faith and scripture. I once shared with her that my favorite Christian hymn was "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" which happened to be a former school song of her Alma Mater (The Moody Bible College). Her eyes lit up in excitement as she told me stories of her evangelism across Chicago.

I also remember visiting her on one birthday. As I handed her the birthday card, she insisted I shouldn’t have wasted money on buying a card. Instead, she was more interested to know if I had picked up a copy of the Open Heavens devotional guide she had talked about the last time we spoke and if I had heard of the men’s program at Jesus House that week. She never spoke to me without a prayer at the end of the conversation and those prophetic words of prayer and encouragement have helped me a lot.

Older and frail, she honored me by being present on the crisp and cold morning I got married. Mama you missed the birth of my son but I will be sure to tell him of the great woman that departed as he arrived.

I will always remember Mama as a true soldier for Christ who was totally dedicated to a life of service to the church. Unashamedly and unapologetically Christian, Mama was the most active person I have ever met in Christian evangelism and I’m sure she is already finding something to do for God as we speak.

Rest in peace Mama till we meet again in Glory.

Tosin Ogunnaike,

Nephew Close
My Grandma  / Tosin Lasisi (Grandson)  Read >>
My Grandma  / Tosin Lasisi (Grandson)
I will always be thankful for everything that my grandma has done for me. She used to take care of me all the time when I was young. She always reminded me to read my bible, and every time I would leave her house she would remind me to pray every day.

One day she told me that I will be the leader of my generation, and that I will do very well in life. I will never forget what she told me that day, and I will live my life working hard to make her proud.

She was always loving and caring and just a nice person in general. I know she dedicated her life to serving God, so I know she is in Heaven now happier than she’s ever been. So even though I will miss her, I am happy for her, because I know she is happy in Heaven.

Seun (Tairu Tosin Lasisi)
Grandson Close
Tributes from your Grandchildren.  / Christina Alabi (Granddaughter)  Read >>
Tributes from your Grandchildren.  / Christina Alabi (Granddaughter)
In the beginning, there was, May Mofolorunsho and Mary Modupe, in Odogbolu, Ogun State, in our beloved country Nigeria.

A man’s years are 70 years and 80 if the Lord gives them strength (Psalm 90:10).

And 80 years later, they lived happily ever after in eternity, with our Father in Heaven.
My Mama Agba, otherwise known as my grandma, is the wonderful woman we are celebrating, less than a year after my grandfather was called home.

Now where should I begin? It would make sense to start at the beginning of me, since I have known her my entire life, although, my tribute starts much earlier than that. Before I was born, my grandmother was making plans for me, bringing my name before the Lord.

She called me Gbemisola, which means God has carried me into wealth. Proverbs says your children’s children are your crown. She definitely treated me like her crown from birth, proud of everything I did from the least to the greatest.

Whether I would be in Nigeria or she would come to the United States, my grandma just knew, by force and by fire, that she would have a significant role in my life. You see, for me, my grandma served 2 roles in 1. And grand she is indeed, in that she is one of the greatest women to walk this earth.

Simultaneously, as my grandma, she also served the role of a parent for me. Four days after I was born, my grandmother boarded a plane to the United States, on a ticket with no definite return date. To my understanding and with all due respect to her, she laid down her life on account of me. Through that act and several others, she demonstrated the unconditional love of Christ to me and to everyone she knew.

Though she was a grandmother and mother to everyone, I thank the Lord for blessing my life with the best grandma. One of my first memories of my life is praying with my grandma every night. My grandma led me to Christ; the greatest gift anyone could ever lead me too. I am looking forward to reuniting with you in eternity because I am eternally grateful to you. Honorably I can say, I see a lot of her attributes developing in me. I hope that I can continue the legacy that she has established for us.

She is the epitome of a prayer warrior, always praying never ceasing and she is my personal intercessor. There was never a conversation we had that did not end in a prayer or a car ride that did not begin with prayer. I know that she is praising our Father in Heaven, this instant, while continuing to intercede for us boldly present before the Throne of Grace.
She literally served God with everything she had. Her email address is ModupeJesus, (I thank Jesus) and her apartment number was 316 (as in John 3:16). There is no wonder why the Lord called her back, exactly one month after Christmas at 12:25pm (Christ’s Birthday Celebration).

She certainly was a woman after God’s heart, with the mind of Christ and the Word was dwelling in her richly. You could not see the walls in her apartment; they were covered with handwritten scriptures and prayers.

I love you Mama Agba. You fought the good fight and you ran your race very well. Sun re o Mama Agba, rest well in the arms of our Abba Father for eternity. You deserve it, after all your nearly daily voyages to church.

The second row of church will not be the same without you and your cute hats nor Christmas Variety Nights with your microphone-less hymns. The least I can do is to continue in the righteous path you have set up for your heirs. I have big shoes to fill and fill them I will.

In Loving Memory, but with undoubted hope and faith, we will meet again.

Gbemisola (Christina Omowunmi Alabi)
Granddaughter Close
MUM / Jacob Ayodeji Ogunnaike (Son)  Read >>
MUM / Jacob Ayodeji Ogunnaike (Son)
Sometimes life may be difficult to understand. Losing those dearest to us is most painful.

Mum, back to memory lane, reminded me of my primary and early secondary school days. Your meager salaries went a long way to sustain the family.

Mum, your favorite white bread, is my good friend.

Mum, you were there at my ordination, as a Deacon in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.  I was able to attain that accomplishment through your encouragement to me.

When I was appointed as a parish pastor, I received even more spiritual encouragement through your numerous and consistent telephone calls.

Your visit to the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Solution Parish Pa J.O. Akindayomi’s home in Nigeria, drew long memory before my  then counselor, Pastor Mrs. M. Adeyokunnu.

Mum, my courage is that you slept in the Lord.  Sleep mum, we shall all meet at that bosom of the Lord. I am missing you so very much.

Sleep well. Close
Mum (Ye Tola)  / Oluwabunkonlami Adewoye (Daughter)  Read >>
Mum (Ye Tola)  / Oluwabunkonlami Adewoye (Daughter)
Mum (Ye Tola)

I give God the glory for your life, that you knew Christ and hung-on to Him to the very end.

I am also grateful to God that I came to the United States a few days before you passed on. I jumped in the next available air-plane the very day I got my visa, I wanted to see you alive. The last time we had a memorable time together was in Dec 2006, when you came to Nigeria for the Holy Ghost Congress.

In your early years, all the efforts you made to travel abroad (U.K) to join your husband, proved abortive. Little did you know that God had made a divine arrangement for you to come to America, where you lived and spent the rest of your later years on Earth. It was as a result that you named your grandchildren GBEMISOLA & OLUWASEUNFUNMI.

Mum, you were dependable and would follow a course you believed in, right to the end. You believed so much in God and that He answers prayers. You were a praying mother , your other names could have been Aduragbemi & Aduragbemiro. You always advised us to hold-on to God regardless of what we are passing through. You always said to me ’Bukonla se ni ko TA-KU TI ( stick to) JESU’ because all other ground is sinking ground.

We thank God that, your children were surrounding you when you had your last breath, which was one of your heart desires. Mum, how I wish I could ask you ,your usual question when you phone people “HOW ARE YOU O”. I am, however, rest assured that you are resting and in save hands of the lover-of your-soul.

A song says :
Ho! my comrades, see the signal Waving in the sky!
Reinforcements now appearing, Victory is nigh.
"Hold the fort, for I am coming!" Jesus signals still;
Wave the answer back to heaven, By Thy grace we will!

I pray that God in His infinite mercy , will sustain, uphold and give the rest of us Grace to hold fort to the very end, so we can meet at the feet of Jesus. Amen.
Your daughter
Oluwabunkonlami Close
Mum / Stella Lasisi (Daughter)  Read >>
Mum / Stella Lasisi (Daughter)

I give God Almighty, all the glory for your life and that you had the opportunity to know Him, serve Him and finish here faithfully in Him. I could not have asked for a better mum. You were always so helpful and always wanted the best for all of us.

Thank you for all the assistance you rendered to me, my siblings and of course your grandchildren. You blessed everyone who had the opportunity to cross paths with you, especially the children you babysat, some of whom are married now.

You have 'infected' many of us with the 'pleasant contagious disease' of buying & reading christian books. I used to joke with you that if someone were to fall down in your apartment that person would fall on books, because there were books everywhere, You could never have enough of literature.

When Daddy went home to Jesus, last January, I was consoled that you were around and would stay with us for long. But alas, it all started in the blink of an eye and before I could spell M.-A-R-Y, the curtains were drawn and you left the stage.

You had finished playing your role. Your desire was to be at home with us all when the time came for God to call you back home. And God granted it to you as his faithful daughter. We give God all the praise!

The song says: All the glory must be to the Lord, for He alone is worthy of our praise. No man on earth should give glory to himself, for all the GLORY must be to the LORD.

I know & believe you are with the lover of your soul now. We shall meet to part no more at the feet of Jesus.
"my mother and my back bone. sunre o!
Psalm 121- song ........ My help, my help, my help All of my help cometh from the Lord "

Your daughter Ibitola Omotoke Oluwatoyin (Stella) Close
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